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IBM / InfoPrint / Ricoh
Print Production Roller Remanufacturing



      Used IBM, Infoprint, Ricoh  Heat Roller Reconditioned IBM, Infoprint, Ricoh Heat Roller

       Used print roller on left. Refurbished print roller on right 


POLYDEL Corporation is re-introducing a remanufacturing program for the line of IBM / IP / Ricoh Print Production rollers.

The following 3900/4000 parts have reached end of life (EOL) at Ricoh:

PN 63H7091
PN 24H9785
PN 30H2789
PN 45G1922
PN 65F6166
PN 6190693

POLYDEL was the US OEM supplier of the above parts to IBM / IP / Ricoh for over 20 years. Continuing to produce these parts in small quantities would be impractical (due to minimum order quantities of components) so POLYDEL will no longer be stocking new rollers. (Please note: POLYDEL will continue to manufacture these parts on a contract basis.)

However, POLYDEL has extensive experience in remanufacturing the above parts. For many years POLYDEL operated IBM / InfoPrint's Refurb Roller Center and worked on well over 15K units per year during the length of the program. Ricoh phased out the remanufacturing program when it took control of InfoPrint.

The cost saving utilizing remanufactured rollers is considerable when compared to a new part. POLYDEL will reapply the Teflon coating and install new wear-related components. Please see link to page for further information and pricing.

>Remanufactured Roller Pricing and Information

>Remanufactured Roller Quality Control

Remanufactured IBM, Infoprint, Ricoh Fuser Roller





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